Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

With still one day left of the long holiday weekend, we have had a lot of family fun together so far!

Yesterday we went to the birthday party for a daughter of a former coworker of Mommy's. It was also a homecoming for their 4 week old twin baby girls, so it was great to meet them as well as see some of my old work buddies at the party too. Kylie was absolutely in her element as the theme was Disney Princess and it was QUITE the princess party!

Yes, that's Kylie with the crown on :)! The kids had a great time painting a castle with the birthday girl (Ariel in this shot- she changed outfits 4 times!).

Daddy and Peyton watching the princesses blow bubbles from their royal goody bags!

After the birthday party we thought we would head over to Naperville's "Last Fling". It's an annual event held here over the Labor Day weekend with food, rides, music, etc. We thought it was a great idea until we had paid for parking, got out of the car and discovered that we didn't have any strollers with us- UGH! It was a hot and exhausting outing to end the day but also a great last blast of summer fair fun!

Kylie big enough this year to go on the "Gravity Storm" for the first time. She found out it's a bit harder to do flips and things than it looks!

This is more like it- the merry go round is one of my favorites!

Trying to catch the big one! Big or small, everyone was a winner and Kylie chose a cuddly brown teddy bear as her prize.

Riding a "Kylie-size" ferris wheel! Caution: do not view video if you dizzy easily :)!

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