Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hair Alert!

The topic of this post may be indifferent to some but it is very newsworthy to us because we are used to BALD babies in our family until almost age 2!

Here are some pictures from today of Peyton's sprouting hair - there's even enough for Mommy to put a TEENY TINY barette in! So what if it fell out a few minutes later- it was IN :)!

Below Peyton is a picture of Kylie (9 months) with cousin Connor (1 yr) and you can see what I mean - but what cute little baldies they were!

View of front/top - it's actually sticking up on the side!

I'll turn to the side for you to see how it graces the back of my bib!

Kylie and Connor playing at his 1st birthday party. Who needs hair to have fun?!

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