Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Almost a week" of fun in Indiana!

Looks like today will wrap up our trip to Grandma & Papa's house to enjoy some days of summer fun! Originally I had planned for us to return home tomorrow but unfortunately Kylie seems to have Rotavirus (only for the second time amazingly) so it would probably be best to have a bit of a low key day and then hit the highway home.

The following posts will show how much fun we had each day but here are a few pictures from the week. Thanks Grandma, Papa, Oma, John, Eric & Alex for such a fun time! Next week it'll be hard to top all of the fun we had here but it was definitely a good transition to our new schedule of staying home!

Kylie taking a break to relax poolside on Tuesday.

Peyton enjoying lunch "al fresco" on Tuesday.

Kylie watching Grandma's 3D version of the Barbie Pegasus movie on Sunday night. Our copy is just a plain old movie?!

Peyton and Cousin Alex having fun together at Oma's house on Wednesday.

Kylie and Cousin Eric having a great time together in the pool at Oma's house on Wednesday.

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Ty's Mommy said...

Welcome home, guys! What a fun week you had. I am sorry to hear that Kylie is a bit under the weather-- I guess too much Barbie Pagasus will do that to you! Enjoy the rest of the summer!