Thursday, August 14, 2008

Peyton's 9 Month "Something"

Seems as if each little one has a unique "something" they do during their first year or so. I was told (and I've seen pictures of me in the act) that when I was about Peyton's age I used to make the funniest "strained" face while clenching my fists. It was the type of face that brought people to tears from laughing so hard! What did you do Daddy? Kylie had her "mean" face with the lowered eyebrows which even at that age she couldn't keep for long without cracking a smile.

I'll let Peyton's signature "something" speak for itself in the video we captured last night during dinner. Of course everytime the camera wasn't in front of her, she really had us going but here's a glimpse...

Don't ask where she picked this up from- maybe from Daddy or Spike who you hear in the background :)? And whatever goes when we're at home- hence the Happy Halloween bib Peyton has on that was Kylie's :)!

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