Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a week!

What a busy week we had during our first week home together! It was full of ups and downs (and a few exciting milestones for Peyton!) as it's quite a transition for all of us but all in all we made it through :). Among lots of little things here and there, we visited Daddy and his friends at his office, got Peyton's 9 month pictures taken at the mall, had lunch with one of Mommy's friends, had several playdates with Chloe next door and spent many of the sunny afternoons taking a great walk and playing at the neighborhood park!

Here are a few shots from the week...

Princess Aurora having lunch at the mall. Having decided to choose my battles wisely with this princess, we proceeded to the mall on Wednesday morning to have Peyton's 9 month pictures taken with Kylie in the princess garb of her choice. I'm talking from cardboard crown to plastic light up shoes- she really knew how to pick an outfit to leave the house in! I was thrown for a loop not expecting to have to kill some time at the mall before we could view Peyton's pictures but Kylie was as proud and happy as could be walking through the mall and having lunch as a princess! And I think the yucky blisters that Kylie was left with after our outing are enough to make wearing regular clothes and shoes out an easier conversation next time :)!

Can you spot the Princess making her way all the way to the top of the mall playland?

At Phillips Park in Aurora. A great park and zoo really close to our house that Chloe's Mommy brought us along to check out on Wednesday afternoon. It had lots of great new things to play on like this swirly "thing" to climb on!

Kylie, Chloe and "the green guy" at Phillips Park. There's always that one "friend" that tends to not leave Kylie's side when playing at the parks whether she likes it or not. And in this case these girls wanted nothing to do with this rough little guy!

Up she goes! Peyton climbed up the stairs to our second floor for the first time on Thursday morning. We were all so excited as she never really paid much attention to the stairs before but once she did, she was off- no problem! Kylie was the motivator as she had some of her toys on the stairs and continued to move them up step by step and little Peyton was more than determined to reach them herself to play with!

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