Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Last Lunch

Here are some pictures of Peyton yesterday dining for the last time at school with her little friends. She was taking her morning nap during most of the carnival but did have a chance to come out while everyone was eating lunch and had a hot dog bun, some potato chips and some cookies.

I then took her back to her classroom for HER lunch and she ate like a champ AGAIN! I had to laugh because as I was reading her daily report at the end of the day it said she didn't have much of her afternoon bottle because she was still full from her 2 lunches :)!

I had forgotten back from Kylie's days that the babies eat "topless"!

"This wheat bread is ok, but where's the real stuff!"

"What's that round thing that my food is on- a pink toy to throw :)?" "And Charlie, take your eyes somewhere else - AWAY from my food!"

The crew of "older" friends that Peyton got to dine with yesterday. This is the class that Peyton would have joined at the end of this month - "the walkers"!

"Ahh, these veggies are just scrumptious!" (and I'm glad they got that pink thing out of my way!) Nice rose tatoo Charlie- looks like I missed all the carnival fun- darn naps!"

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Pete Zerbes said...

LOL!! I cracked up at that second picture, how classic...