Saturday, August 16, 2008

Peyton's 9 month birthday

Happy 9 months Peyton!

Peyton had a very fun day of swimming and hanging out at Grandma B's house today. The girls and I are spending the week with Grandma and Papa to enjoy some final pool time and lazy summer days since it feels like those days are swiftly coming to an end!

Here are some pictures of her fun filled b-day today and a video of Mommy's last attempt to tire out the party animal tonight :)!

Enjoying the wrapping on her b-day gift from Grandma! Where is the actual gift you may ask? In big sister's hands of course :)! Thanks Grandma for the fun toys!

Still smiling after a long day of fun outside! Peyton is DEFINITELY the Energizer Baby!

Grandma's water bed was the perfect spot to end an exhausting day of birthday celebration!

Taking after Daddy with her love of speed and fast "cars"!

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Pete Zerbes said...

Happy birthday sweetie!!! Daddy misses you already! Have a great time with grandma and papa!