Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Annual Lakeside Summer Picnic

Each August our subdivision within our subdivision has a summer picnic. It's a nice chance to meet neighbors you've never even seen out before and catch up with the ones that you have gotten to know. An added bonus is that it's always right outside our front door as we live back in the cul de sac!

Despite the rain showers earlier in the day yesterday and the lingering thunder and dark clouds, at 4pm the sun shone brightly and it was party time! The kids had a great time together and we made it through the whole picnic this year (last year we never even ate as Kylie had had a moment shortly after the picnic began :)!)

Pete & I are on the "Social Committee" tagged with planning this event each year so we're happy to report it was a great success. Hard to believe another picnic has passed and before we know it, it will be time to start the planning for Summer '09!

Daddy and Peyton taking it all in at the start of the picnic!

The speed racers of the picnic: Kylie with Chloe zooming left and Peyton zooming right in the background!

Peyton enjoying some snacks at our table before retiring inside for an early bedtime of 5pm :( !

The kiddie table led by silly Miss Kylie :)!

Our neighbors Bud & Marge getting ready for a little cornhole!

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Ty's Mommy said...

That is so cool of your neighborhood to get together like that! I wish there was something like that around us.... hmmmmmm. I am glad, too, that Kylie is feeling better!

Anyways, I love the new layout-- where did you find it?