Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another haircut!

So much for trying to grow Kylie's hair out again :(

We've attempted many times over the past 4 years to have her grow long, blonde locks only to end up with her little bob cut again after 6 months or so. It helps that the style totally fits her silly personality and looks so cute on her. But look out Peyton- you're going to live in pigtails as soon as there is enough hair for me to fit a rubberband around!

Maybe someday Kylie will succumb to ribbons and bows in her pretty blonde hair but for now the sheer thought of someone even putting a comb through it is enough to throw her into a fit. So if cutting her hair the shortest length possible for now is what makes our lives a little bit calmer, so be it!


Ty's Mommy said...

She looks so cute! I am sure someday soon you there won't be a big enough selection of ribbons and barrettes in the house!

Anonymous said...

come here sweetie and go on your knees I have a use for that tongue mmmmmmmmmmmm lick and suck it good and swallow my juice

Anonymous said...

should certainly be sucking at that age