Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let the good times roll...

Today is the annual Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon that BP always participates in.

Pros: We only work 1/2 day and then it's off to a local bowling alley for an afternoon of beer and pizza and the event raises money for a great organization
Cons: I stink at bowling, will probably break off all my nails and am now the team captain as half of the office is out sick today (or are they?!)

Maybe I should've gotten some pointers from Kylie last night. Photos are from last fall when we took Kylie and cousin Connor on their first bowling outing when we were all in Michigan City for the weekend. Fueled up on McDonald's happy meals they were ready to roll! They loved it and caught on so quick, well to the actual bowling itself that is. It took a little longer to catch on to the concept of rolling 2 balls and then it being the next person's turn - that one will take some time I think! Since that initial bowling outing, Kylie has spent several afternoons "in training" at the alleys having a blast with Daddy and learning the ropes to follow in his footsteps of 300 scores! Hopefully these sessions will help her to avoid future embarassment such as the kind I will be experiencing this afternoon among my colleagues!

It's bowlers like me that understand the true value of having a bar in a bowling alley...wish me luck- I need it!

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Ty's Mommy said...

Bowling? During a work day? Having fun? I think you should have your people talk to my people. That sounds like a lot of fun!