Monday, March 24, 2008

First of many fevers to come :(...

Well, today around 11:30 I received the first call for Peyton from the daycare that she had a 101.3 degree fever and needed to be picked up. Since the girls have only been at this new center since the beginning of February, I'm not familiar with all of the phone numbers that can cause me immediate panic when they come across my caller id at work! The good thing is that little Peyton seems to be in good spirits, just a little extra sleepy and warm so hopefully it's just a little bug or more teeth coming. We're off to her 4 month check up tomorrow night so we will see.

Kylie's first year of constant fevers, cold/flu bugs, pink eye and awful diaper rash due to her sensitive skin broke us in well as far as receiving the "your child is sick and needs to be be picked up" phone calls from the daycare. So we know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, you do get through it and you even come out of it still employed! Having gone through most things already with Kylie I feel like I actually may have this Mommy thing down- at least as far as these first stages. And I actually even look forward to what other things Peyton may have up her sleeve for us :).

Feel better soon little one!

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Becky Hoffman said...

I hope she feels better! And you're right, it is a little easier the second time around!