Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Energizer Baby

A not so rested (or very smiley) Daddy this morning

A peacefully sleeping Peyton...finally at 8am this morning!

So I think I've mentioned just a few times how alert and active Peyton is. That being said, the Dr. said she should absolutely sleep through the night no problem at this point (except for the small fact she is constantly hungry). He couldn't believe how she didn't stop moving for a second for the 10 minutes he was seeing her at her 4 month check up. Between rolling over and over and "shimmying" her way across the exam table and back, he couldn't believe his eyes! She really is on the verge of crawling already!

We're not quite sure where her never ending supply of energy comes from. Daddy was really wondering that last night. Here's a play by play by Pete of how he spent Saturday night/EARLY Sunday morning with his little angel!

10:30pm- Peyton drinks what should be her "last" bottle of the day

11:00pm- Peyton falls fast asleep

11:15pm- Peyton is wide awake

12:00am- Peyton goes back to sleep after hanging out with Daddy for 45 minutes

12:00-3:00am- Daddy puts pacifier in 20+ times to try to keep Peyton asleep while he's trying to get some laundry folded as it is engulfing our home (another post to follow on that one)

3:00am- Peyton is wide awake again; Daddy feeds her another bottle

4:00am- Peyton drifts off into a semi-state of sleep but again needs the pacifier every 15 minutes

6:00am- Unfortunately nature strikes and Daddy smells a huge present waiting for him leaving Peyton wide awake for the day after her diaper was changed

How quickly the sun goes down and comes right back up when you have a newborn in the house!

(Should I feel guilty for getting 10 hours of sleep while all of this was going on? Nah- because it's my turn to more than likely go through the same thing tonight!)

In addition to all of her bottles, we have started Peyton on a serious regimen of rice cereal and stage 1 fruits and veggies twice a day. She seems to enjoy the increase in variety of food but it still doesn't seem to be doing the trick as far as making her belly fuller. We'll keep trying- wish us luck AND sweet dreams!

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Ty's Mommy said...

I can remember those nights! And I can remember sitting there some EARLY mornings and thinking "I should just start my day right now!" Good luck!