Sunday, March 30, 2008

For the love of laundry

I hate laundry, yes I do!
I hate laundry, how 'bout you?

I couldn't help but to adapt one of my grade school cheerleading chants to convey my love of laundry today.

For some reason we just can't seem to get into the habit of doing a load or 2 every night. Therefore, once the weekend arrives we seem to spend 75% of the time doing, folding and putting away laundry. I mean I know we have 2 kids now and all, but you would think we were housing a small army if you saw the volume of laundry we have on a weekly basis!

Anyway, thanks for listening. Now it's off to fold more laundry :)!


Anonymous said...

I will gladly take all the panties no need to wash them

Anonymous said...

I want to have the pleasure of taking them off the little girls though, see those lovely bald pussy's staring me in the face.......dinner time!!