Friday, May 23, 2008

Always an adventure!

Today Peyton had her 6 month Dr.'s visit. Kylie came to the appointment as well for a follow up on her allergy diagnosis and ER visit earlier in the week. That added an interesting dynamic to a usually pretty routine visit!

Both girls got a pretty clean bill of health which was great news. Peyton is down to 2 breathing treatments vs 3 for a few more days and Kylie shouldn't need anymore for now unless things flare up again. And as far as Kylie's mysterious virus goes, who knows. It seems to have run its' course.
Peyton got an A+ as far as all of the developmental milestones for 6 months old- babbling, sitting up, reaching for things, transferring things from one hand to the other... She also escaped without her shots due to the steroid medications she is on and the low grade fever she's had- but not for long. Unfortunately we have to go back for them next week :(.

Kylie flung into the office singing "Life is a Highway" which she learned from the Cars movie she can't get enough of these days. It's so cute the way she belts it out and says "I'm gonna ride it all day long" instead of "all night long" (and she REALLY anunciates the "LLLLONG")! Peyton was just something else too. She was in great spirits and pulled out all her tricks. The photo gives you an idea of why she had all of the nurses wrapped around her finger :)!

Peyton's 6 month stats
Height: 27 3/4" (Still off the charts! 26 3/4" at 4 months.)
Weight: 16 lbs 3.5 ozs (50th percentile. 14 lbs 6 ozs at 4 months.)
Head: 17" (16 1/4" at 4 months)

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