Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kylie's "Burn"

I thought after yesterday's post I could maybe write about how nice it is to hear the birds chirping outside again or share some useless but fun fact I read about today, but not the case. Poor Kylie. Here's the latest...

After wrapping up the night with the breathing treatments for Kylie and Peyton and then the rest of the bedtime ritual, everything seemed pretty quiet around here - too quiet. I then went to go to bed with Kylie and she had quite a bad cough most of the night. I slept with one eye open as I noticed her teeth were chattering - the chills. I took her temp around 1am to find it was only 97. Then at 3am things took a turn for the worse. Kylie woke up again and said she couldn't sleep because of her "burn". I grabbed the thermometer and her temp = 104! Off to the ER we went b/c Kylie had never had a fever that high and that coupled with all of the allergy medication we had given her, I didn't know what could be happening.

She was diagnosed with a virus that could last up to 7-10 days. Nothing too too serious - just lots of rest, fluids and tylenol. We'll play it by ear but hopefully by tomorrow she'll be more back to the old Kylie who never sits still and is always saying or doing something to make us laugh! We miss her!!!

Photo 1: Kylie in the exam room at the ER early this morning

Photo 2: Kylie back home from the ER with the breakfast I let her choose- donuts, cocoa puffs and gatorade?!

Photo 3: Kylie set up for the Bambi movie party at 2pm today (so Mommy could get through at least one meeting via cellphone!)

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Ty's Mommy said...

Poor Kylie! Poor mommy and daddy! We have been there and it is not fun, especially for a girl who is so active! Enjoy Bambi and lots of kiddie TV, Kylie, and those doughnuts look GOOD!