Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Until tomorrow!

I'm off to KC today and will be back late tomorrow night. Hopefully it will be a worthwhile meeting and smooth sailing as far as my flights, etc!

Good luck Daddy! I'm sure everything will be fine! You will have a great time with your biggest (but smallest) fans and there's always Spike for a bit of testosterone if you are feeling buried in Barbies or can't bear the Strawberry Shortcake song one more time :)! Although the way Spike has been behaving lately I have a feeling he will be very cozy in "Spike's Place" for the next few evenings!

I love you and will miss you! Wish me luck in finding a Southwest airplane and some chocolate beans/balls?!?! for Miss Kylie!

1 comment:

Ty's Mommy said...

Did you find your chocolate balls?

I hope you had a great trip and I am SURE that Pete is a wiz at making sure the girls are happy!