Monday, May 5, 2008

Strawberry "Jams"

Kylie is really into Strawberry Shortcake these days - not sure where she first learned of her but nevertheless she loves her and her berry friends! Thanks to Grandma B. for cleaning up all of Mommy's Strawberry Shortcake dolls, complete with their own Strawberry carrying case, and bringing them as a special surprise for Kylie's birthday!

One of Kylie's b-day gifts from Mommy and Daddy was a set containing 2 Strawberry Shortcake dvds, 2 little figurines and the "Strawberry Jams" cd. For any of you other S.S. groupies you can find this treasure at Sam's Club- Mommy's new shopping mall!

Kylie loves the cd and especially Track #1 - 'Straw-Buh-Buh-Buh-Buh-Berry Shortcake' - the theme song to all S.S. cartoon shows, movies, etc. Take a listen if you want to join in the fun: I think we have listened to it over 100 times in the car over the past few weeks and it's actually not so bad- for a kid's cd! I'm partial to Track #5- "Strawberry Jammin"- which seems to be a Bob Marley inspired track!

Anyway, the point to this post is that this morning we were bopping along to Track #1 for about the 5th time on the way to school and Kylie noticed one of my hands was off of the steering wheel. She proceeded to say, "Mommy the policeman is going to take you away if he sees you driving and dancing at the same time!". That's the line we use quite often with Kylie when her behavior is less than OK, especially in public. It's particularly effective when there is actually a security guard or someone within eyeshot! The funny part of all this is how quickly my words get turned on me by a 4 year old and is also a reminder of how carefully we need to choose our words b/c they will definitely come back on us sooner or later- the good, the bad or the ugly!!

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Ty's Mommy said...

These kids are too darn smart for their own good! What a smart girl! Tyler tells me to check the tires when we go over bumps....

By the way, I don't read these things for a few days and I come back and you have a bunch of posts to catch up on! What great pictures and thanks for keeping me posted!