Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Long day, longer night?

Little Peyton was home sick today. She could've probably gone to school but I felt bad enough seeing her at the end of the day yesterday, curled up on her teacher with her little cheeks flushed. We think the culprit is teething b/c she was in pretty good spirits and had only a low grade fever today.
Mommy was home with her and unfortunately it's my "night shift" tonight too. Can't complain too much though since Daddy has taken it the past 2 nights and got less sleep in 2 nights than I probably got last night! But it's gonna be a long one (first picture taken this afternoon, second picture taken a few minutes ago) - looks real tired doesn't she :)?!


Ty's Mommy said...

I hope you are well rested today! Feel better little Peyton!

Pete Zerbes said...

That was 3 nights in a row Mommy, give a guy his props.