Monday, May 19, 2008

One of the "joys" of springtime



I think I'd mentioned that the past week has been rough with Peyton and we thought the runny nose, awful cough, fever, no sleeping, etc...were just the miserable symptoms of teething. Well, as today was day 7 of Peyton being less than herself to say the least and Mommy & Daddy being at wits end with what else we could do to try to make her feel better not knowing what exactly was wrong, we were off to the doctor this morning. The 3 of us. That's right, Kylie woke up with a low grade fever and over the weekend had practically lost her voice and developed quite a cough herself :(.

Long story short, both girls were diagnosed with a bad case of seasonal allergies :(. Now we can add 3 10 minute breathing treatments a day for each and 1 prescription each to our To Do list for the next week. Then on Friday we head back to the Dr. to see if those things worked. Hopefully so, b/c if not we may be down the road of inhalers, etc for Kylie.

I'm going to wrap this up and let the pictures speak for themselves. The breathing treatments break your heart, especially poor little Peyton. It was a rough day for all. Time to get the little patients tucked into bed...

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Ty's Mommy said...

YUCK! We have had to do the inhalers many times and it does break your heart. In the end though (at least for us) it did improve Ty's breathing and thus his sleep! Good luck and hopefully this too shall pass!