Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pancakes With Syrup

So before I get on with this cute post compliments of Kylie this morning, a little bit of background for you. Kylie dips everything in ketchup these days. Things like bread, apple slices, grapes and PANCAKES. Except for this morning. All of a sudden after months of dipping her pancakes in ketchup, Kylie wanted syrup! Of course, because Daddy has our syrup in his fridge at work. Trying to get himself out of the Kylie meltdown situation, Daddy proceeded to tell her that we needed to get dressed, drive to Grandma B.'s house and go to Sally's (their neighbor) maple tree and how the whole maple syrup process works!

Kylie immediately grabbed my blackberry and left a message on Grandma B.'s cell explaining what Daddy had told her and what she needed. So you have some more things to add to your suitcase this weekend Grandma B. - leaves and sap from Sally's maple tree! Mommy mental note: pick up syrup on the way home tonight!

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Ty's Mommy said...

Tyler does the SAME thing-- ketchup goes with ANYTHING! I have never gone through so much in my life! Congrats on entering the syrup world, it stain less but is very sticky!