Friday, June 20, 2008

A "cooler" hairdo

Check out Kylie's new hairdo!

As you know she's had a short bob for about 4 years now so we decided to mix it up a bit! We got it cut last night- it's adorable. It's angled longer in the front and stacked in the back. She'll stay much cooler too as it is now officially summer today- no more matted bangs and knotted hair after she plays so hard in the heat and humidity! An added bonus for Mommy & Daddy is decreased meltdown time while trying to comb it every night after her bath!

Aww Mommy, do ya have to pull out the camera AGAIN?! Cheese...

I'm liking the looks of this already!

Check out my profile- what a trendy do I have!

I really do like my new haircut, I'm just a bit embarassed getting my picture taken out in the middle of the parking lot! Good thing I have my alligator air pump (?!?) that I got for being such a great listener while getting my hair cut!

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