Friday, June 6, 2008

Video - Take 1

I was hoping to get Peyton cracking up on video last night when Pete grabbed our digital camera and reminded me that you can take short videos on it - DUH! Now I'm really armed and dangerous as far as what I can capture the little ones doing at a moment's notice!

Kylie can really get Peyton going and it's hilarious! As you can also see she is feeling right at home holding a sippy cup now. She has also almost mastered the art of crawling, she can sit up from laying on her belly and has started "talking" (b b b b b b b b). I'll try to record some of her latest milestones over the weekend to post. It's just as amazing this second time around what happens in their first little year and so quickly!

I thought we had captured more of the main event instead of dorky Mommy and Daddy talking and recording half the kitchen upside down and round and round. I promise we'll do better next time!

Mental Mommy Note: Figure out how to edit these clips :)! Enjoy!

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