Saturday, June 28, 2008

Taste of Chicago 2008

Little did Daddy know but after Mommy got home from work yesterday the secret b-day plan was to pick up the little ones from school and catch the 5:00 train downtown! Going to the Taste of Chicago has become a family tradition since Kylie was born- we've gone every year since!

The train ride downtown is half the fun! Kylie of course loves riding "Thomas" and Peyton was so excited I could barely pull her from the window the whole time!

We had a great time at the Taste. Daddy had his traditional breaded steak sandwich from Ricobene's and cheesecake from Eli's. Kylie and Mommy enjoyed things together like corn on the cob, Chicago style dogs, a cup of rainbow ice cream and a sampler of a chocolate covered strawberry, piece of fudge, and chocolate covered frozen banana - yum! Peyton had a few tastes of things here and there, including trying as hard as she could to eat our tickets :), but for the most part stuck to her normal fare.

Kylie rode the merry-go-round and had a great time playing in Milennium Park in the water fountain displays. She was a huge hit as she had her Disney Princess umbrella to protect her from the fountains and looked as cute as can be in front of the huge water structures. Tons of random people were taking pictures of her as she was such a little sight! Good thing Old Navy was still open on the walk back to the train b/c Kylie was soaked after having so much fun in the water!

Unfortunately my camera batteries died shortly after we arrived downtown but here are a few shots for you...

The gang was still wide awake on the 10pm train ride home. That didn't last for long though as an hour or so later everyone was home and tucked snug in bed. Peyton slept until 6AM!!! and we had to wake Kylie up around 7:30 to get going for t-ball! It was a much needed restful night for Mommy and Daddy too.

We hope you had a great birthday Daddy!

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