Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Typical Tuesday Morning?

Not really. It was a little bit of a crazy start to the day as Kylie woke up before Daddy and Peyton had left the house. Kylie was very excited because typically she wakes up quite a bit after they have left so she was anxious to take advantage of some added "playtime" with her baby sister!

The craziness died down, at least for Mommy :), when Kylie got hysterical when it did come time for them to leave and she wasn't going with them. She insisted on going with Daddy and Peyton to school so off to potty, get dressed and grab breakfast to eat in the car- all in a matter of about 5 minutes! I actually then got ready for work ALONE today!!

The video is of Kylie singing one of her favorite songs she learned at school- I bet you can guess what her favorite part of the song is :)! It's cute because the interactive playpen Peyton got from Oma last Christmas has some animal sounds and one is a rooster that Kylie substitutes for her own rooster impression about every other time!

Contained but happy!

Ready for school (t-shirt says "That's how I roll" with a picture of a stroller :)!

Passing the torch of the television gene!

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Ty's Mommy said...

What a funny video! I love the fact that you have out them on the blog now-- I can see the girls in action!

By the way-- sign in to the account, go to customize, then layout, click on add a page element and then you have a whole bunch of choices. I found a lot of my things to do by browsing through other peoples blogs! I guess I will know if this works for you when I see it on your page! Good Luck!