Saturday, June 14, 2008

A little t-ball, a little trouble, but a lot of fun!

This morning's t-ball "adventure" was the Royal Blues (Kylie) vs the Oranges. All of the kids seemed a little sleepy today but still seemed to have a blast and get some good exercise and fresh air! The t-ball games are in the field right next to the playground so inevitably we end up at the playground afterwards (or at times even during the game!). The neighbor kids are there at the same time every Saturday too so it's a fun morning of Kylie getting to play with lots of friends.

Daddy brought along a kite today to try to give that a whirl since it was a nice, windy day. All was well until...trouble struck! After a great take off and about 10 minutes of smooth flying, our kite got a mind of it's own. Somewhere between Daddy's hand, our 2 year old neighbor's hand and his nanny's hand, off it went into the wild blue yonder! Great effort Daddy for sprinting after a runaway Barbie :) kite! Unfortunately it still ended up in a tree but Daddy saved the day after going home and getting the help of some LONG tools!

Batter up!

Kylie approaching first base to get a high five from Daddy after a great hit!

No hotdogs or cracker jacks? I'll have to settle on Mommy's bracelet then!

At least they serve drinks at this ballpark!

Maybe I let just a little too much string out on this kite?!

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