Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great season Royal Blue team!

Kylie's first t-ball season wrapped up on Saturday. I think overall she had a great time but I also think it ended at just the right time. All of the kids on both teams weren't quite as enthusiatic at the end of the season as they had started out of the gate being!

After the final match, Royal Blues vs Greens, there was a trophy ceremony complete with cupcakes and drinks! It was very special for us to see how proud and excited Kylie was when she received her trophy! It was a great season and I know she made some new friends that are also neighbors and learned a thing or 2 about sportsmanship and teamwork. Not to mention it was nice to have a reason to get outside bright and early on Saturday mornings!

Here are some pictures from the last day of Stonebridge Sandlot 2008- see ya again next year?!

Team Royal Blue (yes that's Kylie in the pink Cubbies skirt!)

Kylie and proud Daddy (ya gotta love the purple mitt!)

Go Kylie Go! Can we go watch the Cubs game after this?

Good game, good game...

The trophy

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