Friday, June 6, 2008

Never too safe

We have a 24'x16' living room with a vaulted 20' ceiling. I bought 2 gallons of paint from Meijers to do the job. Nothing special, just off the shelf Dutch Boy ceiling bright white. I did a coat last Sunday and did not like the coverage, so I decided to put on another coat. As it took me 4 hours to roll the ceiling the first time, I took a half day vacation yesterday to finish the job. I only had a half gallon of paint left from the first coat, so I went to Menards to get one more gallon of the same stuff, Dutch Boy ceiling bright white. Much to my dismay, I looked up at the ceiling today to see a slightly different shade of white on some of the ceiling. It was in the exact spot I remember opening the can of the Menards gallon. On the bright side, I went to Meijers and told them it was their fault, they gave me two gallons of paint. The bad thing is now I have to put a third coat of paint on the ceiling. The morale of the story is if you buy more than a gallon of any paint, even pre-mixed, take a five gallon bucket and mix it together. Take it from your old buddy Pete.

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Ty's Mommy said...

We have learned this lesson. With red paint. Just remember to soak your arms when you are done!