Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Summer Saturday

This morning it was Royal Blues vs Greens - no winners or losers but a great time had by all! Kylie got some good hits again and loves rounding the bases until she arrives at home plate. She said her favorite part is everyone looking at her and clapping as she is running- I swear, Hollywood here we come!

Here's a shot from the game as well as Peyton trying her darndest to put her shades on in order to open her eyes to catch the game too!

All of these were taken with my blackberry as my camera batteries were out of juice, but they turned out ok. Except for the last one- if you can make it out it's Peyton and Kylie with the same little outfit on. After quick baths for all after the game and then playing at the playground this morning (it was about 90 degrees and very humid!) we set out to get some errands done. I dressed the little ones in the same outfit which I used to think was pretty dorky when I saw it but of course now it's nothing but cute since I enjoy doing it once and awhile :). Little tip for anyone interested: Old Navy is the one stop shop for this b/c you're guaranteed to find almost each outfit in the store in sizes 0-3 months thru 5T!

Hope everyone had a fun Saturday and enjoyed the summer weather that's finally here!

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