Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our Weekly Stonebridge Sandlot Recap

This morning's match was the Royal Blues vs. Reds. Kylie had a good time playing again in between when she felt the need to go hang out and play in the sandbox of the playground. Good thing her team could manage without their third basewoman :) for at least half of the time! We squeezed the game in and the snacks and drinks we brought for the team to enjoy just before the downpour came! One more week and that closes out t-ball 2008...

Daddy says "Pay attention Kylie, this ones yours!"

We know one thing Kylie has learned this season- to keep her eye on the ball!

Kylie running to first base after another great hit!

Kylie running in to home plate (her favorite part because everyone claps for her :)!

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