Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun in the sun (the very warm sun!)

Yesterday was a very warm and humid day in Chicagoland!

We decided to pull out a little pool in the morning and here are some pictures of Kylie and Peyton having some water fun before the thunder storm hit. Great job blowing up the pool Daddy- that wasn't an easy task! Daddy Mental Note: Know where my air compressor attachments are at all times!

It cleared up later in the day and Daddy had the idea of walking to get ice cream at the DQ about 2 miles round trip on the other side of our subdivision. We made it, but the trip back was definitely much cooler and seemed not to take as long - but maybe that was because our bellies were full of ice cream!
Apologize that these pics were taken with my phone again- it only took me most of the week to charge the batteries for my camera but I'm off and running again - look out!

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Ty's Mommy said...

An air pump is a MUST when it comes to the pools! It looks like a lot of fun and I hope mommy and daddy were able to cool off as well!