Friday, June 6, 2008

Music City here I come...or not!

One of the worst things I can think of having to do is travel when you're sick.

I was headed to the airport on Tuesday afternoon scheduled to head to Nashville for a meeting on Wednesday. About 10 other people were expected to attend also and I was the ring leader of the whole event. Well, until I got sick that is.

I wasn't feeling well on the way to the airport but figured it was just from running around all morning getting things settled at home, last minute preparations for my meeting and packing up. Also Peyton had left in the morning with almost a 101 temp so of course that was weighing on my mind too!

So there I was- on a packed flight headed to Nashville, squashed between 2 huge men. Shortly after takeoff, it hit. It was downhill from there. I spent the next 24 hours in Nashville seeing nothing but the walls of my hotel room. Luckily one of my coworkers had arrived shortly after I did that could manage the next day's events for me. The hotel sent up crackers, ginger ale and flowers to me which was a pleasant surprise and helped make me feel at least not so stranded and sick in a new place.

I was very happy to check out on Wednesday and get an earlier flight back home. As I was feeling a teeny bit better and I had a little time before I needed to get to the airport, I decided to at least go through downtown Nashville as well as around Opryland, the Grand Ole Opry etc. I had never been to Nashville before so I didn't want to leave without seeing a few of the main attractions at least!

Maybe next time I can hit one of the famous clubs or at least have a drink containing some Jack Daniels instead of just ginger ale :)!

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Ty's Mommy said...

Hopefully you were able to take in a few stores at the outlet mall by the Opry....

Glad you are feeling better! That does stink to be sick, not at home, and have a lot on you mind!